Zen Asian Fusion Restaurant

A contemporary Asian fusion restaurant located in Arlington's busiest area. We are proud to present to you a delicious Zen Asian Fusion dining experience. We offer a fusion style cuisine including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese foods that will surely satisfy everyone’s taste bud.

Our chefs work for some of the famous Chinese restaurant in the country. They have accumulated over 30 years of experience in Asian fusion cooking. Our authentic Chinese Beef Stewed Noodle soup is our chefs' signature dish. This noodle soup is famous in Taiwan.

Origins of the Chinese Beef Stewed Noodle Soup

Chinese Beef Stewed Noodle soup was first created by the Hui people during the Tang Dynasty of China. It was re-invented by the veterans in Kaoshiung, Taiwan who fled from mainland China during the Chinese civil war. They started to sell the Beef stewed noodle soup to make a living during that difficult time. Our chefs have perfected the taste of this delicious noodle soup just like the original created years ago and now you can enjoy it in our Zen décor setting restaurant.

Zen Asian Fusion

3700 S Cooper St
Arlington TX 75015
Tel : 817-465-2888

Ordering Times

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Mon - Sun 11:20am to 9:30pm
Mon - Sun 11:20am to 9:20pm